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December 10th, 2021 (TBA release date)

Updated to cohort based learning in partnership with Coursemakers studio. Currently releasing under codename VideoStudio.PRO. This curriculum is subject to change but the main ideas revolve around

  • Step by step installation guide so you won't miss a step
  • Set up Virtual Cameras in Aximmetry & Unreal with stationary camera
  • Set up your first tracked camera in UE for Aximmetry 4.26 & Unreal 4.27
  • Camera Tracking solutions on the market you can start using today
  • Unreal 4.26 Aximmetry and 4.27 workflow based on Spout capture
  • Production ready LiveLink support for In camera VFX and camera tracking
  • VirtuCamera for Blender based workflows (realtime support!)
  • Bonus! nDisplay setup introduction using Aximmetry Broadcast (MooV)

December 17th, 2020

Unreal 4.25 Update and Blender with CamTrackAr support (iPhone).

Gravity Sketch Update

Unreal in VR Editor Showcase

November 12th, 2020

Virtual Production 101 was is released on Udemy.