Classic courses

Here you can quickly see what kind of content we produce in Polish and English language.

PLC Course Megapack

LOGO, S7-300, S7-1200 Simatic Step-7 Training step by step.

Virtual Production 101

This course introduces you to the basic concepts of grid, including how it compares to and works alongside other layout options like flexbox.
2hr 22min

Kurs Grafika 3D MEGAPACK

Kurs Grafika 3D MEGAPACK, to prawdziwe kompendium dla osób poszukujących lekcji z grafiki komputerowej.Praktyczne modelowanie i animacje 3D dla każdego ten kurs wprowadzi Cię w świat grafiki trójwymiarowej. Dzięki niemu nauczysz się, przygotowywać efektowne modele 3D i wizualizacje oraz poznasz tajniki pracy w aplikacjach: AutoCAD, 3ds max, Maya, Blender oraz w Rhino zobaczysz jak w praktyce twórzyć modele 3D pod druk 3D.
72hr 58min

Cohort learning is here.

Over the past two years our team has been developing a new learning experience that we are delighted to share with our community.
Zoom HD guarantee.
Access to all workshops in the form of a connection via ZOOM in HD quality.
Access to our Discord community.
Access to all recordings from the workshops for a period of 12 months.
Other things you should know
Possibility to receive feedback on your projects via Discord and during monthly workshops at ZOOM.
30-day 100% refund guarantee.

Use it for your screencasts, vlogs, video podcasts, webinars, films or whatever type of video you create.