Push that Button! | Unreal Fellowship: Animation 2023 | Unreal Engine

The Unreal Fellowship recently concluded its second animation-focused cohort on November 17, 2023. We helped shape it with epic games edu!

This unique program brought together over 100 participants, including industry professionals, training and education partners, and members of the general public.Over a three-week period, they focused on keyframe and mocap animation within the Unreal Engine. The Fellows were divided into 8 teams, each consisting of 12-14 members. They worked on "exquisite corpse" projects, where each Fellow's animated contribution was seamlessly integrated into the next, resulting in a collaborative masterpiece. The final sequences produced are of such high quality that they could be mistaken for work taking months to complete.

Key takeaways

As a Technical Director I helped fellows ocusing on Unreal Engine, there are several key takeaways from the "Push that Button! | Unreal Fellowship: Animation 2023 | Unreal Engine" video that are particularly relevant:

  1. Collaborative Workflow Efficiency: The project showcased in the video demonstrates the efficiency of collaborative workflows in Unreal Engine. As a Technical Director, understanding how to manage and optimize team workflows, especially in a multi-disciplinary environment, is crucial. The "exquisite corpse" project model is a great example of seamless integration of individual contributions into a cohesive final product.
  2. Advancements in Animation Techniques: The focus on keyframe and mocap (motion capture) animation highlights the advancements in animation techniques within Unreal Engine. As a Technical Director, staying updated with the latest animation technologies and their application in Unreal Engine is essential for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in your projects.
  3. Real-Time Rendering Capabilities: Unreal Engine's real-time rendering capabilities are a game-changer for animation and game development. This allows for immediate feedback and iteration, which is vital for a Technical Director to understand and leverage for efficient production pipelines.
  4. Diverse Skill Integration: The video illustrates the integration of skills from various professionals, including those from outside the traditional game development industry. This underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the ability to manage and harmonize diverse skill sets.
  5. Education and Training Opportunities: The Unreal Fellowship program itself is an indication of the growing opportunities for education and training in Unreal Engine. As a Technical Director, being aware of such programs can be beneficial for both personal development and for training team members.
  6. Quality Benchmarking: The high-quality results achieved in a short time frame set a new benchmark for what can be accomplished with Unreal Engine. This challenges Technical Directors to continuously strive for higher quality outputs within constrained timelines.
  7. Community and Network Building: Participation in programs like the Unreal Fellowship can be a great way to build a network and community within the Unreal ecosystem, which can be invaluable for a Technical Director both for personal growth and for recruiting talent.
  8. Innovation and Experimentation: The video encourages innovation and experimentation with Unreal Engine's tools and features. As a Technical Director, fostering a culture of experimentation can lead to unique solutions and advancements in your projects.

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