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Keep  on  going  because  it's  a  really  cool  of  a  training  right  of  how  to  break  down  into  steps  this  right  this  process  whenever  you  break  it  down  is  it  much  easier  to  do  skateboarding  tricks  right  that's  good  all  right  okay  so  now  try  to  film  me  and  I'll  do  kind  of  the  same  okay  thank  you  and  at  the  end  we'll  run  some  music  and  just  do  some  idols  and  stuff  so  all  right  that  was  the  tutorial  as  you  see  after  three
steps  you're  she  was  already  able  to  jump  on  the  board  now  I'll  try  to  combine  it  and  do  like  proper  you  know  motion  let's  see  how  it  goes  all  right  all  right  yeah  cool  so  there's  also  any  really  easy  trick  on  skateboards  that  I'll  show  you  and  to  end  this  session  you  put  the  board  like  this  you  can  kill  yourself  with  this  trick  so  watch  out  and  basically  you  need  to  commit  to  jumping  on  the  board  and  then  you
yeah  yeah  it  didn't  come  out  let  me  try  one  more  time  and  you  have  to  kind  of  whoo  so  yeah  that's  the  trick  and  you  can  also  you  know  basically  break  it  down  in  a  way  where  you  work  like  this  you  flip  it  right  and  then  you  do  the  jump  right  if  you  do  it  20  times  when  you're  comfortable  with  the  jump  then  you'll  be  able  to  try  to  combine  it  all  right  I  need  some  music  to  end  off  this  session  with  a  nice  was
that  I  put  iPad.  There  it  is.  Let  me  unlock  it.  I'm  getting  really  tired.  MoCap  is  so  exhausting.
All  right.  If  you  could  be  the  operator  for  this  session  now,  so  we  do  everything  without  holding  the  phone.  Watch  out,  don't  block  the  view.  All  right.
Three,  two,  one.  Just  improvise.  Think  that  you're  in  a  park.  Oh,  yeah,  perfect.  All  right,
music.  Give  it  with--  You  can  always  use  your--  All  right,
good,  good.  Yeah,  keep  on  going.  Try  to  do  it  one  more  time.  Break  it  down.  Yeah,  feel  comfortable  with  the  jumps.  That's  the  first  thing.  And  then  you  can  do--  you  can  add  more  stuff  to  it,
right?  You  can  go  all  the  tricks  and  come  later,  right?  When  you  have  that  going,  you  can  start  experimenting  also  with  flip,  which  is  flipping  the  board  twice.
And  then  it  will  jump  back  up,  right?  Yeah,  I  think  I  would  just  practice  with  your  hand  first  to  get  the  hang  of  it.  And  then  you  can,  you  know,  work  with  that.  Oh,
you  need  a  more--  you  need  a  stronger  flip  on  that.  [NON -ENGLISH  SPEECH]  [NON -ENGLISH  SPEECH]  [NON -ENGLISH  SPEECH]  [NON -ENGLISH  SPEECH]  Try  to--  yeah.
[NON -ENGLISH  SPEECH]  Oh,  yay,  yay,
yay,  yay.  All  right,  come  on,  do  another  one.  Nice.  Nice.  Yeah,  keep  on  going.  I'll  be--  I'll  be--  I'll  be--  So,  all  right,  so  you  get  in  the  hang  of  it,
right?  The  flip.  And  now,  if  you  can  try  it,  don't  jump  on  the  board,  right?  Just  do  that  thing  and  try  to  flip  it,  right?  Nice.
OK,  do  it.  It's  a  three -time.  If  you  do  it  three  times,  you  got  it.  Nice.
OK,  you  got  it.  All  right.  And  now,  the  last  part  of  the  tricks.  All  right,  do  it  one  more  time.  Nice.  OK,  you  get  the  hang  of  it.  OK.  And  then  you  can  do  the  jump,
right?  And  it's  already  a  trick,  because  you  flip  the  board  from--  you  know,  it's  just--  well,  that's  when  you  combine  everything.  So  you  can  start  with  the  board  like  this,
right?  And  then  do  the  jump,  right?  But,  all  right,  let's  finish  off  this  session  with  how  to  do  this,  because  I've  noticed  you  don't  know  how  to  do  this,
which  is,  how  do  you  get  the  board  in  your  hand  with  this?  Try  it.  So  watch  out.  So  tricks,  right?  How  to  do  it.  You  have  to  be  really--  you  can't  just  go  like  that.
I  mean,  kind  of,  you  see?  You  have  to  push  through  it,  and  it  will  just  go.  It's  not  over--  it's  not  more  over,  you  know.  But  you  can  break  it  down  for  now,
if  you  like.  So  you  press  down,  and  then  you  work  it  up.  And  then  once  you  get  the  hang  of  it,  you  can  actually  go  and  pick  it  up  in  your  hand.  Remember,  it's  going  through  it.
Go  it  through  it,  but  really  from  the  side  here,  right?  Got  it?  Yeah.  All  right,  try  it.  Yeah.
yeah  push  through  it  but  watch  out  don't  try  don't  hurt  yourself  because  it  will  flick  up  yeah  push  it  nice  that's  it  that's  always  it  right  nice  yeah  those  markers  are  pretty  robust  they're  getting  they're  doing  the  job  which  is  fine  even  on  the  skateboard  okay  and  now  last  to  combine  it  right  try  to  do  the  whole  thing  which  is  just  walk  up  do  the  rolling  start  right  get  off  right  and  flick  it  watch  out  watch  out
it's  dangerous  device  and  let's  do  it  maybe  this  way  so  we  don't  yeah  that's  the  only  thing  that's  we  don't  want  skateboard  going  into  a  lead  screen  cameraman  all  right  almost  one  more  time  let's  try  let's  try  okay  yay  and  that  concludes  our  session  for  creating  a  tutorial  about  skateboarding  in  motion  cap

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